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5 Nov 1932, 25 Belvedere Road, Bridlington

LAURA Hemingway of 39 Sands Lane, Bridlington (wife of William Newsome Hemingway) died 6.1.1946 probate London 24.8 1946 to William Newsome Hemingway, retired commercial manager £3051.14s 
Laura (I2272)
6 Jun 1841, Halton, Whitkirk, Leeds, 15
30 Mar 1851, Mann's Field, Holbeck, 26
31 Jul 1853, Halton, Leeds - d 28 
Hemingway, Michael (I1936)
6 Jun 1841, Whitgift, 2
30 March 1851, Whitgift, 12 
Hemingway, Hannah (I129)
Brian Cooper writes via to me :

Joseph Birkbeck emigrated to Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania via New York City about 1836. He established a pioneer farm near Freeland (org. Freehold), and was instrumental in founding Freeland and developing the coal resources of the district. Many of the 12 children of Thomas and Elizabeth died as infants. However, Joseph, Matthew, Jane(2) and Thomas survived to marry: Jane m. William Johnson (Freeland, PA); Matthew m. Elizabeth (Unknown, b. ~1845, PA) with at least one child, William (b. 1870, PA); and Thomas m. 1 Nov 1866 Margaret Sneddon (Audenried, PA), with children Joseph, William, Thomas, Lily May, Jessie, Margaret, Daisy and John. Thomas fought in the Civil War in Company G, 197th Pennsylvania Volunteers. I'm investigating the possibility that Joseph, the son born 1829, may have stayed in England with relatives, moved to the Crook area, and then joined his father in PA about 1870. This Joseph may be the father of my ggrandmother Sarah Calvert Birkbeck. 
Birkbeck, Joseph (I462)
From Ann Witton "Nora Hemingway died in 2003, her second hu
sband was called Lister Keighley, and when she died her partner Tom Hallam had been caring for her. Nora had about 5/6 children by Lister." 
Hemingway, Nora (I621)
Muriel Ellis
To Maurice Hemingway
May 7
I am looking for information on William Hemingway son of Thomas Hemingway and Sarah Smith of Cawthorne, Yorks. William emigrated to Canada in 1843 where his sister Charlotte was already living with her husband Samuel Fordham. William was born in Cawthorne, Yorks. 1812. He is listed in the Canadian census records of 1861 as age 49 and married. He was living in Euphemia, Lambton, Canada West - Lambton today is in Ontario. I have no idea if he had a family so would be very happy to hear from anyone who knows about him. I am the great granddaughter of Charlotte and Samuel.


Muriel (Ellis)
Hemingway, William (I4737)
Published in the Yorkshire Weekly Newspaper Group on 05 December 2008

HEMINGWAY LISA JANE On November 24, suddenly at her home in New Zealand aged 45 years. Loved Daughter of Frank and Sonia Hemingway. Loved Sister of Ben and Jon, Aunty to Richard, Rachel and Robert and the loved companion of Malcolm. Funeral Service took place on Thursday December 4. 
Hemingway, Lisa Jane (I8815)
Published in the Yorkshire Weekly Newspaper Group on 21 August 2008

HEMINGWAY PATRICIA (Nee Firth) On August 14, 2008, suddenly at home, Pat aged 58 years of Netherton, formerly of Thornhill Lees. Dearly loved wife of Alan, much loved mum of Lisa, Emma and Steven, also a loving grandma, sister, sister-in-law, auntie and a good friend to many. Funeral service and committal will take place at Dewsbury Moor Crematorium on Wednesday August 27, at 3pm. 
Firth, Patricia (I149)
Some information about Susan and husband, Philip is in "The autobiography of Mrs. Alice Thornton, of East Newton, Co. York" available in Google Books

Extract from "Parish Registers of St Martin-cum-Gregory in the City of York" : Mrs. Susana Nizbett bur. 19th of Aprill in the Chancell. 
Hemingway, Susan (I323)
William Henry Hemingway and family emigrated to US in 1888

23 Jun 1900, Egg Harbor Townhip, 18 
Hemingway, Harry (I1852)

The adjourned inquest on the body of HERBERT Hemingway (18) a dyer’s labou
rer, who died from scalds sustained by falling into a vat of boiling dye liquor while wrestling with a fellow workman at Providence Mills, Batley a fortnight ago was held on Wednesday.
The inquest was adjourned in the hope that the second man Daniel Kitson (30) would be sufficiently recovered to give evidence, but it was stated on Wednesday that he had gradually become worse, lockjaw had set in and he had died on Tuesday. Dr Forsyth stated that the two men had told him that they were wrestling close to the vat & tumbled in. They both gave him the impression that they were larking about at the time.
Two workmen who were in the dye house at the time also gave evidence. One man named Craven said Hemingway & Kitson had been “kidding” one another all the afternoon and they were still chaffing when they got hold of one another and began wrestling.
The Coroner (Mr P P Maitland) said it appeared that no-one was to blame for the affair unless it was the poor men themselves. It was evident that one or either of them had lost his balance and probably pulled the other in with him.
A verdict was registered to the effect that death was due to scalds accidentally sustained by falling into a dye pan while wrestling in fun at Messrs G Blackburn & Sons dyehouse

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 9.7.1908 P3 Col 5 
Hemingway, Herbert (I5185)
37 1930, 11 Earls Terrace, Earls Court, London Shaw, Alexander Reid (I717)
38 1939, 4a West Street, St Ives, Cambridgeshire Stillwell, Doris (I230)
39 1939, 4a West Street, St Ives, Cambridgeshire,
7 Mar 1942, 11 Lupton Street, London, 28 - marrying Gertrude (sister in law) 
Hemingway, Frederick (I222)
40 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I639)
41 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I294)
42 2 April 1871, 46 Waterloo Road, Leeds, 9 Hemingway, Mary Elizabeth (I682)
43 22 March 1890, Keeton Street, Leeds, 24 5 April 1891, 44 Bow Street, Leeds, 25 Hughes, Thomas Alfred (I372)
44 28 May 1938, 5 Mercury Row, Otley Hemingway, Margaret Rose (I547)
45 5 April 1891, 44 Bow Street, Leeds, 10m Hughes, Richard (I373)
46 6 June 1841, Commonside Earlsheaton, 20
29 June 1860, Poughkeepsie City, Dutchess, New York, 40, beer making 
Hemingway, Titus (I761)
47 7 Aug 1899, Church Lane, Thorne (b)
10 Oct 1900, Church Lane, Thorne
31 March 1901, Thorne, 1
31 Oct 1902, Fish Side, Thorne
18 Nov 1905, Bridge Street, Thorne
2 Apr 1911, Bridge St, Thorne, 11

MI at St Nicholas Thorne : For King and Country….Hemmingway, T.E., Nortd. Fusiliers For the Glory of God and in grateful memory of the above Thorne men who gave their lives for King and Country in the Great War 1914-18 Their name liveth for evermore This tablet is placed here by the Freemasons of St Nicholas Lodge 2259 
Hemingway, Tom Eric (I142)
48 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I653)
49 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I659)

John Hemingway came from England in 1831. He was buried in St. Luke's Cemetery, Church of England, Burlington, Ont. The following is his will.

" To my executors, Relations and Friends

In the solemn duty of making my will I wish first to express my sense of the great goodness of God to me during a long life. The blessings of which have far exceeded my expectation. also I wish to express my unshaking faith in the glorious Gospel of the blessed God as it is revealed by and in Jesus Christ and my personal experience of him as my only ground of hope in passing into the future world and my prayer is that all my children may accept this saviour in their hearts and obey him in their lives My desire is that my funeral shall be conducted and carried out with as little expense as possible according to decency and order. I want no fine show of a coffin, one for about thirty five Dollars something like your dear mother will be sufficient or for less money if you can find one suitable and all other expenses in proportion no costly monument just a simple white slab {it should be well lettered}with name age and date of death with the following passage of scripture. Unto you therefore which believe he is precious .1 Peter 2:7 You may publish the date of my death in the Hamilton times

You may get printed in Hamilton two doz more or less of memorial car
ds with the date of my death age and place of burial send a couple in and envelopes to my Brother Joseph Hemingway in England to the care of his son Charles Hemingway Purston near Pontefract Yorkshire England. If you hear of his death you may still send them to his son send one to Geo Foster wffington(?) one to Wm Hemingway Wilton Grove PO Ont. two or three to Relation ('round home stroked out) at Burford and one to each of my relations round home and other friends.

It will be seen by the will that Charles Joseph and Edwin have had t
hree hundred dollars each all ready Charles and Joseph got the price of a farm of One hundred Acres in the Township of Moore which sold for six Hundred Dollars They each got half and Edwin got a village lot in Burlington which sold for One hundred and fifty Dollars I also gave him fifty Dollars when I sold the three acres to Mrs Flock also I endorsed a note of his one Hundred Dollars Given by Joseph Freeman and paid it myself so that will explain how it is

On account of farms been less in price then they were a few years ago amount to is not as much as I could have wished for I have tried to do the Best I could in the matter hoping you will be satisfied and that Brotherly and Sisterly love may continue amongst you but Above all prepair to meet your God so that we may meet again to our great joy in the realms of the blessed is the prayers of your Father and wellwisher.
As soon as convenient the will must be taken to Milton for probation I think before County Judge but you will find out.
If Sarah Should not be living at my Death then the bedding and household furniture I wish to be divided among three daughtres Jan(e?) Elizabeth an Maryann as a small recompense for there care and kindness to their sick sister.
Their is quite a lot of books and a lot of religious tracts in the desk in the out house they may be divided among sons and daughters alike.J.H.
I was born January 17th,1812 at Featherstone near Pontefract and six miles from Wakefield and ten from Leeds Yorkshire England and sailed from the seaport town of Hull Yorkshire for Quebec on the 4th April 1831 and arrived at Quebec on the 18th May. after six weeks and two days of a very rough passage. was married 26th day of March 1833 to Elizabeth Fidlin from South Lincolnshire England ('in the spring of 1842' stroked out). She was born 14th February,1817 and died 17th November 1886 in the 79th year of her age. I was over to England in the spring of 1842 and came back in the fall by way of New York from Liverpool in a sailing vessel about 30 days each wayjJ.H.
It is not likely the amount will come out to correspond with the amount willed to each as farm property has got much lower in price and after all debts and expenses are paid it is possible the amount to each will less than what is willed to them or if more all the better whats over the amount of differance or surplus may be divided the amount by nine then add or take from each of my sons and daughters alike.J.H.

(All my books are willed to Sarah)
(She may divide with her brothers)
(and sisters an keep any which she likes)
John Hemingway (signature)

Inscription on stone in Burlington Cemetery

"A husband kind a father dear
A faithful friend is gone from here
In love he lived in peace he died
His life was craved but God denied." 
Hemingway, John (I1918)

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