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8601 Hemingway, Ann (I233)
8602 Hemingway, Martha (I234)
8603 Hemingway, Martha (I235)
8604 Lister, Hannah (I236)
8605 YAS Archives
H L Bradfer-Lawrence CollectionCatalogue Ref. SMD0335
Catalogue Ref. MD335
Bradfer-Lawrence, H L, 1885-1965, antiquarian of Ripon, West Riding of Yorkshire
Wilson of Eshton, Family and Estate Records **
Richardson of Bierley
Deeds - ref. SMD0335/2/2/1

FILE - North Breaknell and other property in Wike and Doncaster - ref. SMD0335/2/2/1/11 - date: 1638-1742
1638 Fine relating to property in Bradford, Manningham, Clayton and Wike; 1. John Riddlesden and others, querents; 2. John Wright and others, deforciants 1653 Feoffment of East Croft in Wike; 1. JONAS Hemingway of Mithorne in Hipperholme; 2. Richard Wright of Doncaster 1675 Bargain and sale of the Little East Croft, Wike; 1. Thomas Hanson of Mitham, Halifax; 2. Richard Wright, alderman of Doncaster 1678 Probate of will dated 21 June 1677 of Richard Wright of Doncaster, providing trustees for his grandson Richard Wright, goods to his daughter Elizabeth Ibbotson Nov 1677 Bargain and sale of premises in Doncaster near the fish shambles and messuage in Wike; 1. Trustees for the marriage of John Ibbotson of Doncaster to Elizabeth Wright, daughter of Richard Wright; 2. John Ibbotson 1689 Conveyance to uses expressed in his will, messuage and premises in Doncaster and closes in Wike: part of North Breaknell, two of the three closes called the Slack, the Saverden close and half of the Birken Greave close; 1. John Ibbotson of Doncaster; 2. William Foster of Thorne and Roger Perkins of Doncaster 1691 Counterpart trust deed relating to same, William Whitaker of Doncaster and Eizabeth Ibbotson his intended wife [Former ref: Box 4] 1706 Lease and release (attached) of closes in Wike: part of North Breaknell, two of the three closes called the Slacks, the Sowerden close and half of the Birkine Greave, half part of the East Croft; 1. William Whitacre of Doncaster and another; 2. Jane Ibetson of Doncaster 1727 Lease and release of part of North Breaknell Close, two of the three closes called the Slacks, half of Birkin Greave, half of East Croft; 1. Jane Jellison of Westminster, widow; 2. Lewis George Schele of same 1729 Lease for a year of part of Breaknell Close, two of the thee closes called the Slacks, half of the Birkin Greave close and half of East Croft; 1. Lewis George Schele of Westminster; 2. James Sharp of Holborn and Raines Trigge of Doctors Commons 1738 Assignment of mortgage of same; 1. Sir Thomas Mackworth of St Pancras; 2. William Radcliffe of Holborn 1742, 1743 Releases and assignments of same property; Sharp to Mackworth; Mackworth to Richard Richardson [Former ref: Box 107] 1742 Bond to perform covenants in deed of release of even date, Sir Thomas Mackworth of St Pancras, Baronet, to Richard Richardson of Bierley [Former ref: Box 50]

Robert Hemingway of Mytholme and John his son & heir surrendered Northowram lands in tenure of Nathan Sharp to Jonas, the Younger son of the said Robert

item: [no title] - ref. DD99/A5/21 - date: 1647
Brighouse. Jonas Hemingway of Mythom took a messuage called Mithom and all lands belonging thereto as next heir of John Hemingway deceased his brother who was son and heir of Robert Hemingway deceased.
item: [no title] - ref. DD99/A5/22 - date: 1648
Brighouse. Jonas Hemingway took a messuage and 4 closes of land (then divided into 5) in Hipperholme and Northowrome - heriot 9s. 9d.
item: [no title] - ref. DD99/A5/23 - date: 1660
Brighouse. Jonas Hemingway of Mythom surrendered the reversion of Mythom after his decease to his wife Elizabeth for life and after to John Illingworth his nephew.
item: [no title] - ref. DD99/A5/24 - date: 1660
Halifax. Jonas Hemingway surrendered his messuage and 4 closes in Hipperholme and Northowrome (divided into 5) as DD99/A5/22.

Jonas Hemingway of Ovenden, yeoman for taking, stealing etc. on 16th day of May 1642 at Northland 7 yards of kersey value 12s. the property of Abraham Greenwood
Witnesses; Abraham Greenwood, Michael Birch 
Hemingway, Jonas (I6147)

TESTAMENT 19.7.1657

In the name of God Amen Accordinge to the (course) and computation of the Church of England one thousand six hundred and fifty seven Seeing that nothing is more certeine than death and nothing more uncertaine than the houre thereof Therefore I Michaell Hemmaway of Claiton sicke of body but of sound and composinge memorie do make and ordeyne this my last will and testament in mnner and forme followinge
First and principally I give and commend into the handes of Almighty God my Creator my soule Assuredly trustinge and faithfully ? by the precious death and blood sheadinge of my alone Blessed Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ the second person in Trinity to have full and free foregivenesse of all my sinnnes and everlastinge life amonge the Blessed Saints of God in the kingdom of Heaven
And my bodie I commit to the earth from where the same did originally come and the same to be buried in Christian buryall
Now as touchinge my temporall goodes my will and mynde is to dispose of them as followeth
And first my will and mynde is that all my true and lawfull debts and funereall expenses be paid and discharged out of my whole goodes Martha my wife shall have the whole benefit of all my landes so long as shee shall live if shee shall keepe unmarried and continue my wife And if it shall fortune that shee shall marry againe then to have her lawfull third parte accordingeth as to law hath provided
Item my will and mynde is that Michaell Hemmaway my eldest son shall have the house and two closes called Spoating and (H)-ighfeild
Item I give unto Daniel Hemmaway my sonne one house wherein ---- Milner now dwelleth and two fieldes called Abraham Ing and the croft on the backe side of Michaell house and one stable on the East end of Michaell house
Item I give unto Edward Hemmaway my sonne one house wherein one Abraham Oates now dwelleth and two fieldes called ------ & -------
Item my will and mynde is that Michaell Hemmaway my sonne shall pay fortie poundes and Daniel Hemmaway my sonne shall pay the summe twenty poundes within three years after they shall enter unto the said houses Equally and the said summes of threescore poundes to bee at the disposing of Martha my wife when it shall please God to call her and to dispose it among my five daughters or so many of them as shall be alive
Item all the reste of my goodes I give unto Martha my wife
Also I ordain and make my wife sole Executrix of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the nineteenth day of July in the year above expressed
Also I appoint Edward Hemmaway and John Reeper supervisors of this my last will and testament
Signed sealed and published to be the last will and testament of Michaell Hemmaway the Testator in light and presence of us
Abraham Oates
Edward Hemmaway
Edward Fontelroy (?) 
Hemingway, Michael (I2256)
8607 [Hemingwa.FTW]

1901 Census South Milford John Hemingway 30 Railway Signalman South Milford Emily Hemingway 27 Milford 
Hemingway, John (I1317)
8608 «b»Shibden Mill, and the Hemingways
«/b»John Lister MA
"As mentioned in the above account of Walterclough, in 1580 Isobel the daughter of Edward Gibson of the Mill was affianced in marriage to one Robert Hemingway of the Walterclough in Southowram. According to the Halifax parish register, Ysabella filia Edwardi Gibson de Northowram was christened 17«sup»th«/sup» Dec 1544. So she was of the discreet age of 36 when she left the state of spinsterhood. A marriage settlement was drawn up on the 27«sup»th«/sup» June 1580 whereby Edward Gibson settled the one half part of one rood of land and edifices, houses, etc, also one Corn Mill called Shibden Mill, etc. ... with certain reservations upon himself, then to Robert Hemingway, son of Thomas Hemingway of Walterclough, and Isabel Gibson to be his wife with remainder to the heirs of the body of the said Isabel, by the said Robert Hemingway lawfully begotten. The trustees of the settlement were Henry Burgh of Flansell, gent, in the parish of Wakefield, who was the owner of the Lee estate adjoining the Mill, Nicholas Herd of Shelf, Edward Milner of Halifax, clothiers and Robert Otes of Halifax, yeoman. The witnesses were John Wilkinson of Halifax, gent, John and Richard Hemingway of Southowram, William Hill of Ecclesfield, Humphrey Taylor of Northowram, William Vicars of Ovenden and Richard Haldesworth of Northowram.
There is a somewhat interesting clause in the marriage settlement which runs thus, "The said Edward Gibson on the day of the solemnising of the said marriage shall apparel the said Isabel his daughter with all manner of wedding apparel as shall seem comely and seemly for his or her calling, and shall deliver to the said Robert ... one pair of bedstocks with all manner of bedding and furniture to the same belonging, in such sort as shall please the said Edward to bestow upon the said daughter.
Edward Gibson, it should be added, had two other daughters besides Isabel, one married a Houldsworth of Boldshay, and another one Smith in Craven. His wife's name was Elizabeth, and she made her will on the 25«sup»th«/sup» July 1603 in which she was described of Shibden Milne. To her son-in-law Robert Hemingway she leaves 10s. To her daughter Isabel, his wife, one coat and my best hat, my best kerchief and a "worse", 2 aprons, 1 partlett, one waistcote, and a pair of shoes. To Edward Hemingway, my nephew, a pair of bedstock and 3s. The will was proved 16«sup»th«/sup» April 1607.
Gibson, Edward (I1639)
8609 «i»Here lie the remains of Richard Hemingway of this town. He departed this life November 24\super th\nosupersub 1818 in the 47\super th\nosupersub year of his age. At the west end of this stone lie two of their children. Matty died on September 28\super th\nosupersub 1813 in the fourth year of his age. Hephzibah died August 22\super nd\nosupersub 1815 in the fourth year of her age. Also Luke Hemingway, eldest son of the above Richard who died on the 30\super th\nosupersub day of August 1823. Also Nancy, relict of the above Richard and late wife of Thomas Wilson of this town who departed this life June 30\super th\nosupersub 1837. Also Thomas Wilson the above named who died September 24\super th\nosupersub 1850 aged 66 years. 'Through darkness into life'. Also four children of Dan and Sarah Hemingway who died in their infancy.
Hemingway, Richard (I370)

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